On-Site Consulting/Streaming Support: $75/hr*

Consulting fees are charged to all new business clients until the site/network/organization is fully understood by our technicians. (mixed rates may apply)

Off-Site Consulting: $40/hr

On/Off-Site computer repair: $85/hr*

On-Site consulting and computer repair services are broken up into 1/4 hour intervals with a 1 hour minimum. Example: If you were to have a spyware issue that took .6 hours or 1 hour you would be charged $85. If you were to have an issue that required 1 hour and 10 minutes you would be charged for 1.25 hours or $106.25. Off-Site consulting services do not have a 1 hour minimum.

Phone Support: First 15 minutes per day FREE! Anything over 15 minutes will be charged the Off-Site Consulting rate of $40/hr at half hour billing intervals. (A Single call in one day that is under 15 minutes is free. If the call lasts 16 minutes a $20 bill is applicable. If another call comes in for troubleshooting that same day another charge will be applied.**

Streaming support does not have an hour minimum but is charge in 1/2 hour intervals at the $60 streaming support rate on our own time.

Jobs with travel times of more than 45 minutes one-way will be charged $20 mileage fee.

Web/Logo Design: $100/hr

Web and Logo design is broken into 20 minute charge intervals with no minimum time. If you need work done to your existing site or a newly created site that takes 20 minutes you will be charged $30.

All websites made by OOTB are completely customized for you. We don't have a template that anyone has to fit into. We specialize in content rich user editable sites! This means that whatever content on your page that you need to change on a regular basis is easily editable by you the user.

OOTB websites are easily extendable. Please see the below scenario for an example:

Tim Jones wants a blog that he can do the following:

This website would typically cost Tim $300-$400 (depending on exact specifics). with $108 setup fee.

If 2 months later Tim decides he wants a photo gallery that...:

This would be a very simple addition to the current site and Tim would be able to easily integrate the images in his blog posts. The addition would cost around $300 (keep in mind this is all customized to Tim's exact specifications and he is able to manage all of the content)

6 months later Tim decides that he wants to have a page that he can sell some of his photos

Tim Jones has spent between $800 and $1000 for all of these features, completely customized for Tim Jones.


Emergency Rates:

*Normal hours of operation are 9:00am to 7:00pm pst 7 days a week excluding holidays. before and after these hours special emergency rates apply:

On/Off-Site Computer Repair: $125/hr with 1 hr minimum
Web Streaming: $85/hr

Normal Response time is sheduled upon calling. If services are needed immediately and scheduling conflicts arise daily emergency rates apply:

On/Off-Site Computer Repair: $100/hr with 1 hr minimum and $10/hr bidding if multiple emergencies exist (this has never happened but we need to be flexible for our customers)

**We try to be as reasonable as possible but we can't support people calling us all the time for half hour periods to walk them through a process, we tried that and our customers have exploited our support.